Coordination of foreign proceedings
The Coss-Border Insolvency Act, No. 42 of 2000 - CHAPTER 5


Section 30

In matters referred to in section 2 (1), in respect of more than one set of foreign proceedings regarding the same debtor, the court must seek cooperation and coordination under sections 25, 26 and 27, and—

(a)    Any relief granted under section 19 or 21 to a representative of foreign non-main proceedings after recognition of foreign main proceedings must be consistent with the foreign main proceedings;
(b)    If foreign main proceedings are recognised after recognition, or after the filing of an application for recognition, of foreign non-main proceedings, any relief in effect under section 19 or 21 must be reviewed by the court and must be modified or terminated if inconsistent with the foreign main proceedings;
(c)    If, after recognition of foreign non-main proceedings, other foreign non-main proceedings are recognised, the court must grant, modify or terminate relief for the purpose of facilitating coordination of the proceedings.