Appointment of Trustee; Effects of Sequestration

Section 18B

Trustee may cause caveat to be entered

(1) A trustee may, before or after the rehabilitation of an insolvent, with the written consent of the Master, by notice to the officer charged with the registration of title to immovable property in the Republic, in respect of immovable property or a bond registered in the name of the insolvent or of his spouse contemplated in section 21 (13), cause a caveat to be entered against the transfer of the immovable property or the cancellation or cession of the bond referred to in the notice.

(2) The notice referred to in subsection (1) shall be accompanied by the written consent of the Master contemplated in that subsection and shall identify sufficiently the person in respect of whom and the property or bond in respect of which the caveat is to be entered so as to enable the officer charged with the registration to enter the caveat as contemplated in the said subsection.

(3) The caveat shall remain in force until the date indicated by the Master in his consent.

[S. 18B inserted by s. 3 of Act No. 122 of 1993.]