Appointment of Trustee; Effects of Sequestration

Section 24

Provisions relating to property in possession of insolvent after sequestration

(1) If an insolvent purports to alienate, for valuable consideration, without the consent of the trustee of his estate any property which he acquired after the sequestration of his estate (and which by virtue of such acquisition became part of his sequestrated estate) or any right to any such property to a person who proves that he was not aware and had no reason to suspect that the estate of the insolvent was under sequestration the alienation shall nevertheless be valid.

(2) Whenever an insolvent has acquired the possession of any property, such property shall, if claimed by the trustee of the insolvent’s estate, be deemed to belong to that estate unless the contrary is proved; but if a person who became the creditor of the insolvent after the sequestration of his estate, alleges (whether against the trustee or against the insolvent) that any such property does not belong to the said estate and claims any right thereto, the property shall be deemed not to belong to the estate, unless the contrary is proved.