Voting; Election of Trustees & Remuneration

Section 64

Insolvent and others to attend meetings of creditors

(1) An insolvent shall attend the first and second meetings of the creditors of his estate and every adjourned first and second meeting, unless he has previously obtained the written permission of the officer who is to preside or who presides at such meeting granted after consultation with the trustee to absent himself. The insolvent shall also attend any subsequent meeting of creditors if required so to do by written notice of the trustee of his estate.

(2) The officer who is to preside or who presides at any meeting of creditors may summon any person who is known or upon reasonable ground believed to be or to have been in possession of any property which belonged to the insolvent before the sequestration of his estate or which belongs or belonged to the insolvent estate or to the spouse of the insolvent or to be indebted to the estate, or any person (including the insolvent’s spouse) who in the opinion of said officer may be able to give any material information concerning the insolvent or his affairs (whether before or after the sequestration of his estate) or concerning any property belonging to the estate or concerning the business, affairs or property of the insolvent’s spouse, to appear at such meeting or adjourned meeting for the purpose of being interrogated under section sixty-five.

(3) The said officer may also summon any person who is known or upon reasonable grounds believed to have in his possession or custody or under his control any book or document containing any such information as is mentioned in subsection (2), to produce that book or document, or an extract therefrom at any such meeting of creditors.