Trustee's Duties

Section 72

Unlawful retention of moneys or use of property by trustee

(1) A trustee who, without lawful cause, retains any money exceeding twenty pounds belonging to the estate of which he is trustee, or knowingly permits his co-trustee to retain such a sum of money longer than the earliest day after its receipt on which it was possible for him or his co-trustee to pay that money into a bank, or who uses or knowingly permits his co-trustee to use any property of the estate except for the benefit of the estate, shall, in addition to any other penalty to which he may be liable, be liable to pay into the estate an amount equal to double the amount so retained or double the value of the property so used.

(2) The amount which a trustee is so liable to pay may be deducted from any claim which the said trustee may have against the estate in question or may be recovered from him by action in a court of law at the instance of his co-trustee, the Master or any creditor of the estate who has proved his claim.

(3) A person whose estate is sequestrated while he is, in terms or subsection (1) indebted to an estate of which he was trustee for any sum of money which he misappropriated from that estate, shall be for ever incapable of holding the office of trustee, provisional trustee, liquidator, curator dative, tutor dative, curator bonis, or executor dative.