How do I lodge a complaint against a Debt Counsellor?
Debt Counselling

DCASA will register and monitor any complaint received from a client. Any client wishing to lodge a complaint must be informed that such complaint must be lodged in writing and be sent to:


By Post

The Complaints Manager
Complaints Department
P.O. Box 60, Germiston 1400


By Delivery

The Complaints Manager
Complaints Department


By Fax

086 570 8209


By e-Mail

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



08614DCASA (32272)

The client is to be informed that all supporting documentation must accompany the written complaint.
Definition of a Complaint
A complaint means, a specific complaint relating to the Debt Counselling service rendered by a DCASA registered Debt Counsellor or its representative to the complainant on or after the commencement of the debt review process, and in which it is alleged that the Debt Counsellor or its representative:-
  1. Has contravened or failed to comply with the provisions of the National Credit Act;
  2. Has willfully or negligently rendered a Debt Counselling service to the complainant; or
  3. Has treated the complainant unfairly.
Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure documented below addresses the duties and functions of all parties involved in resolving complaints under the following sections:

  1. The role players in the complaints process.
  2. DCASA’s complaints process.

1. The role players in the complaints process.

The main role players in the Complaints Resolution Process are listed below:

Role Player



This is a person who has suffered prejudice by a Debt Counsellor or Representative and has decided to lodge a written complaint against that Debt Counsellor or Representative.


The Debt Counsellor or Representative against whom the complaint is made.

2. DCASA’s complaints process.

The process of handling a complaint needs to conform to DCASA’s stated policy. Any such deviation from policy requires the sanction of the Secretary of DCASA.

DCASA will be responsible for the registration and monitoring of any complaint and for referring such complaint to the Debt Counsellor.

The complaints process will in the majority of cases consist of two steps which need to be followed and adhered to by all Debt Counsellors and/or Representatives.

The Complaints Resolution process for DCASA is as follows:


The majority of clients will contact DCASA telephonically to register a complaint and the following process must be followed:
  1. Client must be requested to lodge complaint in writing and to provide supporting documentation;
  2. Registers complaint (Name and Id number of client);
  3. Establishes the name of Debt Counsellor and if the Debt Counsellor is a member of DCASA;
  4. Informs Debt Counsellor of pending complaint.

Step 2:

This step deals with a formal complaint being received from a client and should be dealt with as follows:
  1. Checks complaint and supporting documentation;
  2. Identifies Debt Counsellor;
  3. Records complaint in Register;
  4. Submits complaint to Debt Counsellor;
  5. Diarises for 12 business days; and
  6. Debt Counsellor acknowledges receipt of complaint in writing to client within 2 business days of receipt.
Debt Counsellor to review complaint and then provides the client with a written reply and a copy is submitted to DCASA within 10 business days.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to email a complaint.