Who does Debt Consolidation?
FAQs - Debt Consolidation
Written by Rohan Lamprecht   

Debt Consolidation is done by Licensed Financial Services Providers such as banks. In the past we have had several requests to assist people by granting them a Debt Consolidation Loan. We are not a Licensed Financial Services Provider and do not grant loans. However, to assist you in this regard, we have compiled a list of institutions that might be able to assist you. Merely click on the name of your choice and you will be taken to the relevant page on that company's website:

Personal Loans - Unsecured

Old Mutual

Sanlam Personal Loans

Mortgage Loans - Secured

Bond Busters


FNB - First National Bank

GPF Mortgage


Please note that Bankruptcy24.co.za do not endorse any of the above mentioned companies and do not guarantee any of the services they provide, customer satisfaction or debt relief.