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  • Assets   ( 4 Articles )
    The effects of bankruptcy on assets, the different types of assets, assets required to successfully file for bankruptcy and how to increase your asset value are all discussed.
  • Bankruptcy in general   ( 2 Articles )
    Definition of terms used, forced bankruptcy vs voluntary bankruptcy, the process and procedure, the bankruptcy application and costs involved are all discussed.
  • Businesses and Liquidation   ( 1 Article )
    The effects of liquidating a business such as a Sole Proprietor or Partnership.
  • Debt Consolidation   ( 2 Articles )
    We define the term "Debt Consolidation" and discuss the pro's and con's involved, including tips and where to apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan.
  • Debt Counselling   ( 3 Articles )
    We awnser questions regarding Debt Counselling and Credit Review under the National Credit Act (NCA)
  • Rehabilitation of an Insolvent Estate   ( 3 Articles )
    We discuss the timetable for rehabilitation, the costs involved, the process and implications of being rehabilitated after being declared bankrupt.